Posted on: Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's Been A While // Some Life Updates

Wow. It's been a long time.

I just happened to stumble upon this blog again when I found myself wondering if I had ever randomly blogged my favorite pumpkin muffin recipe. Turns out I had! I completely forgot that I had ever made this blog (being a busy student tends to do that to your memory!). It's been fun to read through the couple posts that I had written a few years ago.

Since it's been a while, I figured I'd see if I can pick the blogging back up again and thought I'd start out with a few major life updates.

1) It is now Fall of 2016 and I have graduated from undergrad! I earned a bachelor of science in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: Health and Society with 2 minors in Bioethics and Women's and Gender Studies from Michigan State University.

Whewww - that's a mouthful! Basically I took a bunch of social science classes related to health (think medical anthropology, health psychology) and then complemented those with some "hard science" courses like pharmacology, microbiology, etc. I was honored to have received the President's Award in the spring (above), which went to the male and female graduating student-athletes with the highest cumulative GPA (not sure how I pulled it off in Epidemiology, but I graduated with a pure 4.0!).

Note the super sweaty armpits in the above picture. I had to give a speech to 1,000 people! Note to self: wear black when giving major speeches.


2) I'm not done with schooling! I'm officially a nursing student at Vanderbilt University studying to become a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. They have an awesome direct-entry NP program for non-nurses, called the pre-specialty program, that basically crams an entire BSN into the first year and then directly flows into my MSN credits. It's been 6 weeks and things are moving FAST.

Fortunately for me I'm learning a lot and having fun! I've been able to explore Nashville a bit (such a fun city!) and have also made some really wonderful close friends here, which is great because Lars is still in Michigan. Speaking of Lars.....

3) Lars and I got ENGAGED!
We took a wonderful trip to Europe (and China!) after graduation and he proposed to me when we were taking a day trip to Luxembourg. I'm sure I'll write an entire post on that, but just know it was the best day of my life! We're getting married on August 12, 2017 and I can't wait to become my best friend's wife.

So there you have it. Those are just a few of my most major life updates. I've been feeling really swamped with studying (and should also probably work on some wedding planning!) so I'm hoping to use this blog as an outlet to relieve stress, continue to hone my writing skills, and to document life. It's funny how whenever I write posts or journal entries they feel trivial, but I get so nostalgic and happy when I find them years later. Here's to trying to document the present so I can look back in a few years and relive these happy, exciting times!


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