Posted on: Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Uniform

Fall Uniform

Madewell red top / J Crew brown sweater / Madewell ripped jeans / Madewell lace bra / Sam edelman booties / H M white loop scarf / J.Crew CHUP stripe socks

Fall is my absolute favorite season for clothing. It's definitely when my closet becomes it's fullest and my wallet becomes it's emptiest. I swear I have a magnet inside of me that's solely attracted to all things plaid, knit, and warm. As a pretty die-hard neutral lover, the muted tones of fall clothing are my absolute favorite colors. On any given day you could pretty much bet on finding me in some variation of the above outfit.

Currently I'm craving some new flannels (I had some old ones from the men's section in Target and I also love just borrowing my boyfriend's) and some new socks. Socks just seem to always disappear on me and with the frigid Michigan winters I can never have a shortage of nice wool ones!

Are you looking to add anything to your wardrobe this Fall? Do you have any favorite Fall outfits or pieces? Let me know! 

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