Posted on: Saturday, October 4, 2014


Well, October is officially here and in full swing in the Midwest. Today seems to be the ultimate chilly fall day in Michigan.  With a high of 48 degrees and a low of 39, it's starting to feel like once again our state is skipping over the entire transition season and going straight into winter. Luckily for me, I happen to love the colder weather.  The lower temperatures and dreary overcasts remind me of warm drinks, thick layers, and snugging up with loved ones.

Today I'm trying to take full advantage of those cozy autumn vibes. So far, so good. This morning began with freshly baked apple-oat muffins and some warm coffee on the back porch (let me know if you're interested in a recipe -- once you have them you'll never go back to another variety!). I let my boyfriend sleep in a bit more before we headed to the farmers market. One thing that will never fail to make me happy is spending even a half hour meandering market's on the weekend. Seeing all of the local vendors, fresh produce and products made and sold with care just warms my heart.

Today I decided to go ahead and buy two mini pumpkins to use for decoration in my college house (for 50 cents how could I pass them up?!). Lars and I also picked out some fresh honey as the local honeys are great for warding off illness and boosting immune systems in the colder months.  Of course the weather was awfully chilly, so warm drinks in hand were a must! Lars is a total black coffee drinker (always in their largest cup or mug) whereas I know no loyalties to my drinks. Tea, black coffee, lattes, cider...I like them all! With today being dreary and drizzly outside I opted for an earl grey latte. Perhaps it's just me, but earl grey lattes just scream "rainy day drink" to me. We had a wonderful time walking around the different booths, holding hands to stay warm (boys are silly and forget things like gloves and jackets), and admiring all of the beautiful changing leaves.

Now I'm back at my home with the goal of knocking out some major studying for my Monday midterm. It's hard to want to focus on school on a lovely Fall day like today but I know I'll feel better if I get some done!

What are you doing today? Are you planning on staying in and snuggling up or braving the cold in layers? I highly recommend checking out local farmers markets if there are any near you. It always makes for the best date and great conversation!


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